Fabulous Ferals


What is a feral?


  • Any domestic animal that reverts back to a wild state.
  • Staten Island has a large population of feral cats.
  • They have been abandoned or lost and live outside in the community. Since many are not spayed or neutered, they reproduce rapidly. Feral females can produce approximately three litters a year.
  • Feral kittens over 10 weeks who are born outside in the community and  have no contact with people are very difficult to socialize. 
  • In the past, these cats have been trapped and brought to shelters where they were euthanized due to the fact that they could not be socialized as pets. This did not solve the problem of ferals in the community. Other feral cats would simply take over the territory.
  • In order to solve this issue Trap Neuter Return was started.


What is Trap Neuter Return?

  • Feral Colony caretakers who are feeding the cats work on their own (or with support) to trap these cats.
  • Once trapped, these feral cats are provided with vaccines and spayed/ neutered and returned to their location of origin (or placed for adoption when friendly).
  • At Mama Chris Rescue, those who are friendly are then  fostered (WE NEED FOSTER FAMILIES) and/ or put up for adoption.
  • Feral's who are not friendly are returned to their original location.  Where they continue rodent control with a decrease in problem behavior (spraying, late night cat fights) as a result of being neutered,


TNR on 11/18 and 11/19

  • We set out to TNR 10 cats in a feral colony.
  • We trapped 4 the first night and 2 the second. 
  • Two of the 10 were nowhere to be seen (and have not been seen since).
  • The other two circled the traps, but even though we continued to withhold food in hopes we would catch the two hold outs, we could not.
  • We will try a drop trap before spring kitten season starts.
  • Photos are below