...aka: Baby Stan(said in a high pitched voice), Staniel, Stan Lee, Manly, Stanyell, Stan-The-Man-With-A-Plan...we could go on and on, because the more pet names a dog has the more loved he is.

      Stan is a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua mix.  Stan weighs 8 pounds and he is adorable.  He loves going for car rides and brief, slow jogs.  He is a low energy dog and does not require a backyard.  He is ok with adult cats(he will give a grrr to any cat who attempts to smack him) and he especially likes kittens.  He tends to prefer women to men, though he has gradually become accustomed to the men in his foster family.  He is an excellent watchdog and is good at alerting to strangers.

     When he came to us he was nipping at hands and fingers for the first few days.  This behavior has stopped.  Stan will only be placed with a family who are experienced dog owners.  He would not be a good first dog for a family.  HE IS EXTREMELY SMART, however he is extremely anxious.  His anxiety can be kept in check by an experienced dog owner.

     Stan also has digestive issues.  These issues are not present when he is on a grain free diet.  Canidae Grain-Free 7 ingredient diet is fine for him and he has no issues on it.  It is expensive, but a 25 pound bag lasts him a month.

No table food for Stan.  Training and treats can consist of boiled chicken or meat.

     Stan is just so cute!!!  When he is happy he runs around in circles and does a stretch with his back legs and his front legs.  When he is hungry or needs to go out he does a little double tap on the arm of the nearest human with his little paw.  There is so much more to share about little stan, please fill out an application first and if you are a good fit for Stan we will give more info on him.  He is a great guy!!!!