• 6-year-old female, spayed, up to date on vaccines and FIV/FELV neg.
  • Pandora is a sweet, friendly girl, who likes to sleep at the foot of the bed.
  • She is people friendly and prefers the company of people to other cats.  She is friendly towards both adults and children.
  • She is somewhat tolerant of dogs, but is not really fond of them.
  • Pandora is a low energy cat.

Pandora's Story:  Pandora was rescued from a home where there was abuse.  Her fur was shaved off, but is growing back.  Despite coming from a home where she was not given the treatment she deserved she is still social and friendly to people.

Danny Boy & Nicky

  • 6 year old neutered males.
  • Cream colored, persian mixed cats, danny has long hair
  • up to date on vaccines, microchipped, FIV/FELV Neg
  • These brothers are a package deal, can you see their bond!  They are laying together in the shape of a heart for heaven's sake.
  • They are friendly, nice guys.
  • They are a little scared of other cats and dogs, but they are never mean, they tend to shy away from conflict.

Their Story:  These boys lived their first 6 years peacefully with their owner until he died in November.  There was no family member who could take them and they have been living together in foster care since then.  They are friendly, loving easy going low maintenance cats lookin for a caring home together.

Sno Man

  • 1 year-old neutered male.  FIV/FELV negative, up to date on vaccines, microchipped.
  • Past History of Diaphragmatic Hernia Cured with surgery
  • Sno Man aka Man Guy is a charater!!! He went from being a lethargic cat unable to breathe to a cat who enjoys running around the house with 7 and 8 year old kids.  It almost looks like he plays hide and seek with them peeking around corners.  He is very smart and he actually listens unlike other cats.  if you tell him no he walks away.
  • Loves other cats his own age or younger.  He missed out on a lot of his early socialization because he couldn't do much without full use of his lungs.
  • Does tend to challenge older male cats, other cats or cat is a must for him, but it should be a cat within his own age group.
  • He isn't crazy about dogs and he does try to smack them as he walks by them, but he is responsive to verbal correction, so a home with a well behaved dog that won't retaliate, while Sno learns appropriate behavior would be ok.
  • Highly active cat.
  • We are taking applications now as we want to find him the perfect home, but he won't be ready to go for another 5 weeks. 

Sno Man's Story:  Sno was found in early January trapped beneath the snow under an enclosed porch.  His rescuer dug him out of the snow and brought him home, but was unable to keep him and reached out to us.  We picked him up and brought him to our vet that same day.  He was vaccinated and other than being skinny, seemed fine.  A week later he went to get neutered.  He was examined and seemed fine.  When he returned from his surgery he appeared to be breathing funny, gasping.  The vet was contacted and nothing was noted on pre surgical exam, maybe it was stress.  It was suggested that he be brought to our regular vet.  He was and for a week was treated with anti biotics.  At the follow up an xray showed all of his abdominal contents were in his chest cavity compressing his lungs.  After a very expensive surgery funded by caring donors Sno Man will go on to live a normal he needs a wonderful forever home!!



Baby Gray