Applications and Contact Directions


Contact Us

  • Response time will always be quicker if you contact us through email ( or through messaging on our Facebook page Mama Chris Animal Rescue Inc.  There are multiple people monitoring these messages.
  • Text is the second best means of contact.
  • Phone is the slowest means and will take the longest to get a response.


  • Fostering involves caring for animals who are not yet ready for adoption or who are ready to be adopted , but are awaiting the right adopter.
  • Fostered animals may need to be given medications on a daily basis.
  • Foster babies may need to be bottle fed every few hours.
  • If you would like to foster please fill out the application and we will contact you.

Adoption Process

Please fill out an adoption application and submit

Preference is always given to an applicant who will adopt 2 kittens together.  We make every effort ro review your application as quickly as possible.  Please note, that not every application is approved.

We check vet references (vet reference is the most heavily weighed reference)of current pet owners and we contact the landlord if you are a tenant.  If you apply as  homeowner and records show a different  person as owning the property we may contact you again for the landlord's contact info.

Our regular adoption fee is $150 for kittens and 1/2 off the second, when adopted together.  Older kittens and cats are $125 and 1/2 off the second, when adopted together.

 A drop off of the animal to your home by a volunteer is required.

Apply to Adopt

Apply to Foster/ Volunteer